Herbal tea

Ukrainian herbal tea is made from organic wild forest fruit and medicinal herbs of Carpathians. It contains a number of biologically active substance, and has its own exquisite taste and refined herbal aroma. Ukrainian tea is making a name for itself – it’s among the top 10 fastest growing exports of the country.

  • Carpathian herbal mix
  • Melissa
  • Hibiscus
  • linden
  • echinacea
  • calendula (flowers)
  • melissa/lemon balm (herb, leaf)
  • sage/clary (grass, leaves)
  • motherwort (herb)
  • plantain (leaf)
  • blossom linden kg.
  • strawberry (leaves), kg.
  • herb thyme kg.
  • melissa/lemon balm (grass) kg.
  • oregano (grass) kg.
  • mint kg.