Honey & Related Products

Ukraine is currently among the world's five largest producers and exporters of honey. It produces more than 30 different types of honey: sunflower and motley grass, mono flora honeys, the main of which are acacia, buckwheat, linden. Ukrainian poly flora honey (motley grass) is considered one of the best in the world. Ukraine is one of the leading global supplier of high quality honey due to its moderate climate, large uncultivated areas with increasing number of bee colonies. In 2015, Ukrainian companies exported 36,000 tons of honey in the amount of $84 million. Our honey products meet the requirements of the international food safety standards FSSC 22000.

  • Flowery Honey
  • Polyphlore
  • Honey rapeseed
  • Honey buckwheat
  • Honey sunflower
  • Honey polyfleur
  • Honey with propolis
  • Honey polyfleur
  • Honey flowery linden
  • Honey Farmer buckwheat
  • Acacia honey
  • Pollen
  • Milk of bees uterine
  • Beeswax farm